Sunday, November 13, 2005

Take a good hard look for the very last time
The very last one in a very long line
Only took a second to say goodbye

That song (D.O.A., by the Foo Fighters) has been playing on a loop in my head for several days.

Oh you know I did it, it's over and I feel fine. Nothin' you can say's gonna change my mind...

This was further reinforced by the fact that the Foo played it on SNL last night.

Finished, I'm getting you off my chest. Made you come clean in a dirty dress.

Now, as I type about this song playing on a loop in my head, it is actually playing on a loop on my computer.

As Neo would say... "Whoa."

There has been plenty of interesting [cogitation, consideration, intuition, realization, rumination, inspiration] happening in my head of late. (Other than the Foo Fighters, that is.) Ideas are percolating on various, varied subjects.

There has been a confluence of left (think: Spock) and right (think: Dali) brain weather patterns in this little brainstorm system.

I have done a ton of reading recently on financial planning and investing, as well as paying attention to the markets. Something clicked a while back, and I formulated and implemented my own little "strategery." It seems to be working out quite well. Logical, Captain.

I have been playing a ton of guitar lately, and have been making some strides. Figured out a bunch of songs recently, and began working on a few of my own. Nothing is complete, but there are a couple nuggets that could bear fruit. My clock just melted.

Volleyed with the IRS, the Wisconsin Bar Association and various insurance companies on a few issues. Nothing too thorny, but I did have to skeptically arch an eyebrow and throw a Vulcan Death Grip on those bitches to keep them in line.

I started this blog as a way to force myself to write every day. I have always wanted to write a book, despite my mockery of Nano Nano month a few posts ago. I thought this would be a nice way to get the ball going and remove the intimidation factor from writing. I mean, shit, sitting down and saying, "I am going to write a book. Here we go...Page 1?" I am fairly certain that I would end up typing "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" over and over again, kill Scatman Crothers with an ax in the hallway, and then go apeshit on Wendy and little Danny, only to be tricked by that telepathic little shit and freeze to death in the topiary.

And that's no good for anybody, really.

Anyway, I have recently come up with a few kernels that could be the start of something. I am not sure where it is going to go...maybe nowhere, but a kernel is a kernel. I'll take it. Actually, given my reading preferences, it will probably go somewhere like the sordid, seamy, twisted underbelly of society, populated by junkies, criminals and freaks. We'll see.

By the way, I feel compelled to mention that we had a record week for unique visitors here at The Dude Abies. ("Unique visitors" means that basically everyone gets counted once per day, no matter how many times you refresh... and a lot of you refresh an awful lot.) Anyway, 600 of you popped in this week to see what was happening. There are regulars from all over the globe, which continues to amaze me. Thank you very much for visiting and reading the crap I post. I'm bucking for a promotion, and this makes me look good. Thanks for coming by.

That is The Metamorphosis of Narcissus... my favorite Dali painting.

I'm gonna get my weird on.