Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tell us the story
I know you're not boring

We had a wonderful weekend.

A good friend got married on Friday night.

It was about time.

Also, we had a rock solid jam session Saturday morning into the afternevening.

Nothing beats a brunchtime jam.

You can be stupid loud and nobody's gonna call the cops because it's daytime.

You probably feel like a solid asshole if you call the cops on some old, deaf guys playing rock and roll in the middle of a sunny saturday.

I rocked the holy bejeebers out of that organ.

I taught myself how to play "Let It Be." Goosebump City.

We also worked out a guitar, bass and organ version of "Creep."

Three thunderstorms blew over the house. Hail pounded down twice.

In between, the sun broke through like it was trying to tell me something.

buy a camaro ... grow a handlebar mustache ... learn to play "black water," by the doobie brothers.

At least that's what I could make out.

got a car, got some gas

let's get out of here

get out of here fast...

everyone's confused

so i stay in my room

if i go

i don't wanna



i hope you get this message

or you're not home

i could be there in

ten minutes or so

i got my things

we'll make it up as we go along

with you

i could never be


never be