Monday, November 27, 2006

Last week, Kyle quit the band
But now we're back together again

Bells didn't quit. That was a joke.

(Besides, there is nothing to "quit," really, since we only play in his living room or my living room... and there really isn't any ambition to do anything beyond that.

Maybe someday we will play at a party or something, but for now, we're just having fun making noise for ourselves.)


We got a few inches of snow this weekend, along with some cold weather. It is just nasty out right now.

Big Sky should open this weekend, but I will be in Wisconsin, more's the pity.

I am pretty excited, and so is everybody else. I stopped in at World Boards, the local board shop, and those dudes are chomping at the bit. There is a buzz in the air around town.


I finally went to see Borat last night. I have mixed feelings about it. I definitely laughed at parts, but I spent just as much time cringing and saying, "Oh No... oh no."

Parts of the movie are downright hilarious, and he definitely takes broad, deserved swipes at some ripe targets. (The three drunken frat boys come to mind.) Overall, though, when the movie was over, my overwhelming feeling was relief that I didn't have to sit through it any more.

It is definitely worth seeing, and a few parts had me nearly falling out of my seat, but be prepared to feel really uncomfortable.


Also, I rented, Strangers With Candy. It sucked. Badly. Not funny...


Ah, it was nice to see my law school alma mater, U.S.C., punch Notre Dame in the mouth on Saturday.

I freaking hate Notre Dame. Maybe even more than I hate the Yankees.

Sure, SC probably isn't as good as Ohio State (and maybe not even Michigan), and they had better not look past UCLA, but it feels good to stomp on Notre Dame, regardless of circumstances.


See you round...