Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I don't want no other love
Baby, it's just you
I'm thinkin' of...


I sure have gotten some concerned emails from people.

Thanks for that.

Everything is fine.

I just haven't been writing here.

I had guests from Thursday through Monday, and we were busy doing cool stuff.

Now I am sick. There is a tiny man with a large knife, living in my throat, and he stabs me whenever I swallow anything, including water.

Plus I had about 200 pictures to upload.

But the real reason is that on Saturday, I killed a guy with a trident, so I had to lay low for a while.

Plus, all this writing has been keeping me off the corner, where I gots to be slangin', so Duder can get paid, yo.

Anyway, hope this tides you over for a little while.

Because I am going to Urgent Care.

Because the little man with the knife is not going away.

I had a salad last night, and it felt like I was swallowing a a pincushion.

And then it is going to be me, a couch, my dog, and some movies.

All day long.

And sleeping.

Because the last two nights, I have alternated between a human inferno sweatbox and icy, freezing chills.

So, peace out.

UJ, Dan-O & Eck- thank you so much for visiting. It means a lot to me, and I had a fantastic time with you. The door is always open, and I hope you come back early and often.

Love you guys.

P.S. Those gang signs we are flashing? That is a lowercase "B," and a lowercase "D," cuz we be representin the Dam.

Fuh real.