Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've got a line, and you've got a pole. And I'll meet you down at the fishin' hole.
You've got to put on your sailin' shoes.

Ahhhhhhh. You've got to put on your saaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiilin' shooooooooooooooooooes!

Especially when you are trying to sneak Sally through the alley.

My dear sister commented regarding yesterday's post, "Uh, was it really necessary to label it fiction, given that you are alive and typing?"

Good point. Just didn't want to freak anyone out with the abrupt change of pace.

India and I watched the first disc of the first season of the BBC show, The Office. They re-made it as a show here in the U.S., but we watched the BBC version. There were a few near pants-pissing moments. It is really, really funny. Awkward and painful, but funny.

The prolonged viewing has India and I affecting British accents (as opposed to my well-worn Scottish accent), and dropping a lot of "innit"s and "right"s at the end of sentences.

It's like we've joined the Judean People's Front, innit? Or was it the People's Front of Judea, right?

Today involved the collection of rent, and a nice, long, hot run. It hit 90 today.

Then, around lunchtime, we headed down to the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, which is just off Main Street in downtown Bozeman. The Emerson is a converted school building that is used for the promotion of performing arts, yoga, etc. There is a restaurant there as well.

That's the link there, innit?

On Wednesdays in the summer, they have lunch on the lawn, which takes place on the grounds. They have live music, food, etc.

Today's band was Sally Newsome and the Norris Hot Strings, a bluegrass band. They were pretty damn good, and did a great version of Sailin' Shoes. The mandolin player was really talented.

Here they are, right?

Of course, I saw some wildlife.

Then he decided to take a dump.

After that we went to the Co-op for a smoothie.

I took a picture of India, even though she didn't want me to...

We came home, and did yoga. It is painful.

Especially when we were working on our "core."

I'm told the "core" is the group of muscles in your abdomen and lower back that are integral to every day activity.

I believe otherwise. I read about a "core" somewhere...

I seem to remember it described as "A Soft Fudge Core Surrounded by Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with White and Dark Fudge Chips."

I think my "core" is soft custard, innit?