Friday, September 09, 2005

I can remember the Fourth of July, running through the backwood, bare.
And I can still hear my hound dog barkin'.
Chasin' down a hoodoo there.

I was never really a fan of CCR. I liked "Fortunate Son" and their cover of "Heard it Through the Grapevine," but that was about it. By the time John Fogerty recorded that abomination, "Centerfield," I think I hated them.

India and I just got back from grabbing a burrito and taking the dogs for a stroll near the university. We walked in, turned on the telly, and there was the tribute concert. We had good timing, because, a couple minutes after turning it on, the lights go up on a drummer knocking out some sweet cowbell. The camera panned back and it was the Foo Fighters rocking "Born on the Bayou."

Neither India nor I really liked that song before, but now we do. Damn. They rocked it.

This is at least the fourth time the Foos have done a fantastic cover song. They covered "Darling Nikki," a Prince song; they did "Stairway to Heaven" on Craig Kilborn's show once and it blew me away; and they did "Have a Cigar," which was great.

That led me to think of other great covers...

- Most of that Nirvana unplugged album- Lake of Fire, Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam, Man Who Sold the World, Where Did You Sleep Last Night... all great.

- Metallica doing "Turn the Page," by Bob Seger.

- Alien Ant Farm, "Smooth Criminal."

-Marylin Manson's "Sweet Dreams"

-Pearl Jam, "Last Kiss," which, oddly, is their best-selling song ever...

- Hendrix, "All Along the Watchtower"

-Chili Peppers- "Search and Destroy," (Stooges) "Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder)& "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (Dylan)

- Rage Against the Machine- "Kick Out the Jams" (MC5), "Renegades of Funk' (Afrika Bambaata), "Maggie's Farm" (Dylan)

-John Lennon- Maggie's Farm (Although I think everyone did Dylan's songs better than Dylan)

- Syd Vicious- "My Way"

-The Lemonheads- "Mrs. Robinson"

-The Clash- "I Fought the Law"

- Devo- "Satisfaction" Say what you will... but Icantgetmeno. Nosatisfaction. Itriedanditriedanditry-try-try-try-try-try-tried.

-Johnny Cash- "Hurt" That is no longer a Nine Inch Nails Song. It's a Johnny Cash song.

Any others?


On a separate note, my feet really stink. When I wear my Chaco sandals for some reason, my feet stink. And other than when I went running, I have been wearing them for days on end.

My eyes are watering.

There's a fat man in the bathtub

I love it.

This is taken from

New Orleans - Many stubborn New Orleans residents are refusing to leave their homes, and some are making clear their determination to stay in a style that could come only from the hard-drinking, good-time city.

Curt Belton, a department of wildlife and fisheries agent in charge of boats touring the city, told on Tuesday of a message found in a wine bottle drifting in floodwaters along Canal Street in the entertainment district.

"To whom it may concern: Please send with immediately, (one) ice-cold chest of Coors Light. I'm out at this time.

"Down to wine. Some shrimp and oysters would also be appreciated.

"Thank you," said the note, which was signed and gave an address.

Belton said the patrol went to the home and found the author sitting on his front porch.

Between sips of wine, he told them he was staying and had enough wine to last "quite a few days".

Belton said he was going to frame the note because it was "pure New Orleans".

The emergency official said that of the 15 to 20 people his patrol encountered in homes on Monday, only one agreed to leave.

"There's just a ton of people still out there," Belton said.

"They don't want to come, and the main reason they're giving us is their pets," he said. "It's crazy."