Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mama said knock you out

Ahhhh. 5 inches of fresh snow. Big Sky only has 40% of skiable terrain open, so I don't feel too terrible about getting on a plane to Minneapolis today.

Would I rather snowboard than fly to Minneapolis?

Mmmmmm, yeah.

But Big Sky isn't going anywhere for a few weeks.

We tried to watch Million Dollar Baby last night. More accurately, my sister and India watched it, while I tried... but failed. I was fading, and by the time she tried to bite her tongue off, I fell asleep and missed Clint Eastwood's struggle with his decision.

By the way, the attempt to watch this movie took place over two nights. We all were falling asleep on the first night.

It is safe to say none of us were blown away by this movie.

I rate it "Eh."

I dunno. I know I was supposed to like it. It was one of those movies where people get a serious look on their face and ask, "Have you seen Million Dollar Baby?"


And then their eyes would get wide and their demeanor would get evn more serious.

"You should."

At least I wasn't making out during Schindler's List.