Saturday, March 25, 2006

Logging, Pimping and My Friend Joe

This is a blog-jacking. Put the weapon down and step away from the blog...

Jimmy writes:

The aformentioned title is not, I repeat, not a song title, as the Dude would like you to believed. It's the title from a series of short stories by the Norman Maclean. I just inserted Joe insted of Jim.

So I'm stuck here in "Dudeland".

I'm not at liberty to discuss all of the Dude's goings on, but I do know this: The Dude runs a geriatric home for wayward pets. I believe that I can comment on the condition of said pets, you see, because when all four of these hairy beasts were thrown together years ago, the Dude and his lovely bride decided to take a weeks long vacation. I was left to tend the critters and mind the victorian mansion in the Dam Beaver. I will spare the gory details but when you combine one primadonna cat with one tough guy cat and two curious excited dogs ... you're asking for trouble. I left that week with numorous scratches about the face and arms and I believe two cat bites on the hand. I was sorely afraid.

But I digress...

Here is a video I shot...

Yeah, he got lucky.

As I speak the Dude is getting ready to go boarding. Now, the Dude is very excited about this. I am excited also. But my real interest is the Huevos Rancheros of which we will be partaking on the way there.

You can see by the pictures and the Dude's previous title, I am the fat man in the bathtub. The Dude is severly undernourishing me. This is my cry for help... naked and fat, in the bathtub.

One man cannot live on 5000 calories alone.

The Dude is pressing me, and his lovely bride is giving me that "Can't you just get him out of my Chi for a while?" look.

On a parting note, I will leave you with a phrase to live by: Police up all your shit, and don't leave nothin for the dinks.