Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And in the stands, the home crowd scatters
For the turnstiles

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

I have not had internet access from home since Friday, and no access on the immediate horizon, due to other priorities.

The house is great. We had Stanette's brother and his wife in from Philly this weekend, and we had a great time.

We did a nice hike up Windy Pass to a beautiful meadow covered with wildflowers. There are some awesome 360 degree views of the major mountain ranges surrounding two valleys (the Gallatin and the Yellowstone).

Sunday, we did a gorgeous float in a different part of the Gallatin Valley. To long-time readers, you will know it as "the eagle's nest float."

Yes, the eagles were there. The fledgling is pretty big now, but still has not grown the white plumage. We saw one of the adults snatch a fish, which was really cool.

Later, we also saw a big rattlesnake swimming across the river. The usual cast of black geese, herons, pelicans and jumping fish were present and accounted for.

That's it for now. There will be more, plus pictures, when I dig out of my pile of stuff at work, and the boxes at home.

PS- I hope the Tiedt Invitational Tournament back in Wisconsin was fun. I will be rolling back into the Dam from August 7-11, oddly enough, for my sister's 20th class reunion.