Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What I wanted, is what she wanted
You read the words and it sells you life
They sell their words, but it's all a lie
Sell me down the river

Check out this link. It is an air-traffic control radar of Fed-Ex aircraft scrambling around a heavy thunderstorm to land in Memphis.


Raptors were abundant on my run last night. I counted 8 different adult hawks (red-tails, northern harrier and ferruginous) circling in various areas of my run. A few of them had young 'uns with them. The baby hawks are entertaining, because they have none of the stately grace of their parents. They flutter erratically like butterflies behind the adults as they learn the ropes.


Carp arrives tonight. We cleaned up our little bungalow in anticipation of his arrival.

Looks like the agenda is hike, eat bison, hang out, hike, eat sushi, rock out, kayak, hang out, rock out.

Sounds like a plan.


I just received one of those automated-robot phone calls on my cell phone.

For some reason that sent me into a momentary, forehead-vein bulging fury, which is odd, because I really don't get that worked up about stuff anymore.

It lasted about a second, which is enough fury to last me for weeks these days.

I USED TO have little moments of fury just about every day.

I wish my new fly-rod would hurry up and get here. I was hoping to do some fishing this week.

Fishing is kind of the anti-fury.


The pinky toe: an evolutionary dead end?

I continue my campaign of terror against my own pinky toes by repeatedly trying to smash them into Bolivia* on coffee table legs.

*Mike Tyson once said he was going to "fade into Bolivia" when he was done with boxing. I have made a personal vow to bring this term into the lexicon.

The parlance of our times, if you will.

Yes, yes.


I am going to race in a 10k in Helena at the beginning of June, marking the first time I have run competitively since 1987. It should be fun, because the guy who invited me has a boat, and after the run, we're going out on Canyon Ferry.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the race is a benefit for retards. You know how I love those goofy bastards. Foreheads like drive-in movie screens. We just hook 'em up to a zipline and let 'em run.

As Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek said, "Are you British, or just retarded?"