Sunday, October 09, 2005

Can you show me where it hurts?

Big Sky today...

Looking good. More weather like this and it will be open on Halloween.

Taking a little excursion to Helena tomorrow. I have never been there, but I heard it is a cool, historic town spilling out of a gulch... I will bring the camera and post some pictures.

Loose! Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes! Please, Louise! Pull me off of my knees!

Sometimes, when I'm pissed off at The Man, and tired of this town, I take my beat up volkswagon bug to an old barn, crank up the radio, turn on the lights and just dance.

In silhouette.


We went out to a really nice dinner with the Bells and Mrs. Bells last night. We had a great time. I had steak New Orleans (blackened tenderloin medium rare served with dirty rice, beans, sweet peppers and prawns... yum) and mud pie. Because if we stop ordering mud pie, then the terrorists win. Or something.

There is some kind of "visual arts" festival here this weekend. It is called the Hatch Festival... films, art, whatnot. There are a lot of short dudes walking around with elaborately mussed hair, wearing t-shirts under expensive blazers, jeans, and $ 800 cowboy boots, talking into hands-free cell phone earpieces. In restaurants. On the street. Everywhere.

(We're in Bozeman! We're casual! But still fashionable! And important enough that if our phones ring while we are walking around, we cannot, repeat, cannot take the kind of time necessary to lift the phone to our ears. So we have these quick-draw phone earpiece things.

Mine's cooler than yours.


Word on the street is that Johnny Depp is even in town, which might explain the preponderance of plastic-boobed Barbies, following the earpiece dudes around, ordering water (bottled) with lemon and an iceberg lettuce wedge for dinner. Maybe it explains the blazer dudes, too, for that matter. They are dressed to impress. So casual. Yet so stylish.

But for me, the highlight is that The Bacon Brothers played a show last night. As in Kevin Bacon and his brother... in a band. We didn't go see them, because of the orange alert-terrorist-mud pie thing. (God Bless America!)

But we discussed it.

It would have been fun to push to the front and scream out requests for songs by Russell Crowe's band. Maybe get into a breakdance fight with the LA guys.

Between Kevin and me, we could have taught this whole damn town how to dance.

By the way, Johnny Depp was in Benny & Joon with Aidan Quinn. Aidan Quinn was in Cavedweller with Kevin Bacon.

And Barbie was in Two Women with Kim McKamy. Kim McKamy was in Willard with Jackie Burroughs. Jackie Burroughs was in Cavedweller with Kevin Bacon.

And, when the Man comes down on the Dude, he dances silhouetted in an empty barn in front of his volkswagon, and sometimes has a short dude in an expensive blazer film it for posterity, which is what Kevin Bacon did in Footloose.

Oh, little known fact: I also taught Sean Penn's fat brother how to 80's dance. It was a tender, touching moment.

Let's hear it for the boy!