Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glad and sorry
Happy or sad

I took a road trip to Seattle.

Gig Harbor, specifically.

To get to Gig Harbor, you cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

^^That bridge. It bothers me that the dog died. The bridge swayed like that for an hour. A guy was in that car at the beginning, a scientist. He got out, walked along the yellow line, admittedly terrifying... and he left a (his?) dog in that car. Supposedly the dog was "too frightened to leave the car and persihed in the collapse."

But the guy walked out and sat with the film crew for the next hour until the bridge collapsed, along with the dog. That bothers me. I am pretty sure I would have grabbed the dog, but who knows in that situation? Still, it bothers me.

By the way, I didn't intend to be insensitive to my friends from Minneapolis by posting that video.

(Minneapolitans? What the hell do you call yourselves, anyway? Are you tri-colored and exotically delicious?

I am a Bozemanite. I think. Before that, I was a Beaver. Or maybe a Dammer. Damner. Beaver. Damned Beaver. And I guess, in some sense, I always will be. A Damned Beaver.)

But they rebuilt that bridge, and you gotta cross it to go to Will's house.

On the way, we crossed the Columbia.

That's a big river.

Before that, we passed through Missoula, which was on fire.

On Fire.

There were helicopters, planes, trucks and more smoke than I have ever seen.

Just north of Missoula, wildfires have been raging, and it burned right up to interstate 90. Smoke was billowing.

I'll have some more later.

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