Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The song is over
It's all behind me
I should have known it
She tried to find me

I have a question for the "wordinistas" out there.

When did "used to" (as in "I used to deliver pizzas") become "use to?"

It's "used to," right?

Also, when did the phrase "sooner rather than later" become "sooner than later?"

I know "sooner than later" isn't technically incorrect, but it just sounds wrong to my ears.

Did all the "irregardless" people and the people who don't know the difference between "their/your" and "they're/you're" stage some kind of idiot revolution and nobody told me?

I know I'm not always grammatically correct on this blog. I have a penchant for starting sentences with "and" and "or," occasionally I slip into the vernacular to drive home a joke, and I don't proofread for typos, but, shit, at least I make an effort.

Here are some pictures of my nieces and nephew.



Lucy, Katie & snowmen

Aren't they cute?


[Deleted political rant concerning the asinine notion of a "windfall tax" on oil companies reaping record profits.]

[Deleted social/political/economic rant on the CEO of United Health Care having $1.6 billion worth of stock options, and swindling stockholders by postdating the date the options were granted to the 52 week low stock price]

[Deleted political rant regarding the subject of immigration]

I generally steer clear of this type of discussion on this blog. Such subjects are better left to telephone discussions with Antwaan Randle El and Will Danger.

If you're curious, I am a staunch libertarian, however, the Libertarian Party only runs nutjobs for office. I am conservative on certain issues (economy, government spending, certain social programs) and liberal on other issues (the environment, certain social issues, abortion, drugs).

Aside: we're spending way too much on prisons and jails and not enough on education. I have no facts to back this up, but I would guess spending on law enforcement, the legal system and incarceration rivals the amount spent on schools. A vast majority of those inmates are drug offenders.

Opinion: if they want to take drugs, let them. Legalize it, tax the living shit out of it, and allow them to kill themselves if they so choose. We do it with alcohol and tobacco...

I support a flat tax, smaller government and a free-market world economy. I am very much against legislated morality. Let us make our own decisions in that regard.

I think we went to war under false pretenses (WMDs and an Iraq-9/11 connection) and with very little planning or forethought, but I also feel that Saddam was overdue for an ass-kicking. For that matter, so is Syria, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and about a dozen other countries. But, fuck it, freedom is on the march and the mission continues to be accomplished. (What are we, three years post-Top Gun uniform and "Mission Accomplished" banner?)

We're there. It's a mess. We helped make the mess. It needs to be cleaned up. Really, it is your basic kindergarten stuff.

I think there is utterly too much bullshit involved in government, and I don't believe a word any career politician says. I think the two party system is flawed and that both parties are equally full of shit.

I also know that there will never be a candidate with a platform that is in line with my philosophy, and that if, by some chance, there was such a candidate, he or she would never be elected.

In most elections, I feel like I am choosing the lesser of two evils, and I try to vote for the guy (or woman) who seems like they are less full of shit.

I hope John McCain runs for President again. Barring that, how about George Clooney?

So, there you go.

The Dude in a nutshell. Each of those topics could be more properly covered in an entire post, but this really isn't that kind of blog.


That felt weird.

On a related note, did anybody see Stephen Colbert's speech at the White House correspondents dinner?

Holy shit, the man has 40 pound, stainless steel balls. I can't believe they invited him. I also can't believe the president and the media sat there and smiled while Colbert absolutely skewered them.

Colbert, you're my hero.


Has anyone else noticed Steven Tyler is starting to look more and more like Michael Jackson?

In that vein, Jack White is really white. He may be the whitest person I have ever seen. I think he sleeps in a coffin during the day.

I'd like a ruling on the "used to/use to" issue, and I'd like to know if I am justified in calling bullshit on the "sooner than later" issue, or if I should just keep it in my pants.

OK, keeping it in my pants is a separate issue. That's another thing: nobody can spell separate any more. It's not "seperate."

Now I'm just bitching for the sake of bitching.

Maybe I'm getting my period.