Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm the man on the mountain
Come on up

We had our 5th or 6th big hail storm on Saturday.

(^ that is a two second video of the carnage pouring off my roof.)

For some reason, our neighborhood gets pounded.

It has made gardening really tough.

Our house backs up on thousands of acres of open land, and there is no windbreak between the mountains and our house.

The wind and the hail have done a number on the plants.


But, as always in Montana, some beauty comes along with the nasty.

This was actually a triple rainbow, but the third was too faint to be picked up by my camera.

I got to hang out with Jeff from Austin last night. We had a blast. He is on a 26 day road trip/backpacking trip. He made it from Austin to Bozeman without ever driving on an interstate, and he intends to continue that policy for his entire trip.

He is going on a ten-day solo backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Range in Idaho.

I like the way Jeff rolls.

Check him out at www.jeffblaylock.com

Jeff, it was great to meet you. Stay safe in the backcountry.

Gratuitous Doodlebug picture:


P.S. How good was True Blood on Sunday? Lovin' it.

P.P.S. I have "Imagine" pretty much dialed in on the organ. Stanette sang it on Sunday... it sounded great.