Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tell me true
Tell me why
Was Jesus crucified?

Things hurt and you wonder why, how.

Woe unto you.

Why is a useless and often unanswerable question.

It's usually answered after the fact.

Often, it's purely justification or explanation.

Occasionally, 'why' comes from a sincere desire to understand motive or causation.

But most of the time it is a masturbatory invective, rather than a philosophical inquiry.

(In case you tuned in for the regularly scheduled programming: fires burn, making it hazy, we're keeping in shape, learning songs and reciting daily affirmations in the mirror.

Also, I have been watering the grass and staying on top of my game, grill-wise.

Seriously, I think Keanu said it best...


I heard from Antuan.

He won his eponymous golf tournament.

>Look it up.

The only other time in its 13 year history that he won, I was the straw that stirred the drink.

Congrats, Antuan.