Friday, October 13, 2006

On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin
Grand old Badger State
We, thy loyal sons and daughters hail thee good and great (U-RAH RAH!)

Just ran across this article on

Hazing, Booze, Sex led to Wisconsin band probation

The only way you could improve on that headline would be to add "with James Brown" after "Sex."

How could you resist clicking that link?

Random quotes from the article:

The school said the band's behavior was so notorious that the athletic department sets aside money so that cheerleaders and the dance squad can travel in separate buses to avoid harassment.

[The] incident was reported by a faculty member who believed "the individual would have preferred to keep his hair.

We had dancing and disrobing taking place that made some people feel not only uncomfortable but unsafe.

Ahhhh, 'Sconi. Gotta love it.

I remember when, I remember when, I remember when
I lost my mind

I ran across this on the internets regarding Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle crashing his plane into that apartment building on the East River...

"A-Rod should have been on that plane. It wouldn't have hit anything."

Too soon?

Probably, but funny anyway.


Thank you anonymous commenter, for digging up an mp3 of Ray LaMontagne doing "Crazy."

Clicky click to enjoy while you persue the Duder.


Nobody who reads this really cares, but on ESPN last night, a certain little team, from a certain little school in Chestnut Hill, Mass, absolufreakinglutely dominated Virginia Tech at home, thereby proving my hypothesis that GOD IS A BC FAN!

(And he hates schools with "Tech" in their names. And his son, Jesus? He hates the Yankees and Notre Dame. You should, too.)

Anyway, Doug Flutie was in the house, and the cameras kept showing him.

How can Virginia Tech expect to compete with that kind of mojo?

Little Dougie, scrambling around like a leprechaun, having to bunny hop to see over his offensive line because he is like 5'9" (5'11" with the afro).


I'm tellin' you.

God loves BC.