Thursday, March 29, 2007

Try to make me go to rehab
But I said
No, no, no

Check this chica out. Her name is Amy Winehouse.

Freaking awesome. That girl can sing. And dude plays pretty freaking good acoustic behind her.

Went riding today again with Bells.

It is funny to play hooky when you are an adult.

Even funnier when you consider Bells just returned to work after 5 months off.

It is his second week. I guess the pressure was too much, so he took a couple mental health days this week.

Fuck it, the road was packed with jonesing locals who got screwed by the snow gods this season. I would guess we got a foot over the last 24. Further compounding the local revenge was the fact that the main high-speed lift that services the base of Big Sky was down today. The only other option is a four-person gondola, which moves like molasses, but can be nice on a freezing cold, deserted Wednesday in January when you want to stay toasty on your ride up.

The line was easily an hour, and it was filled with tourons, who had taken vacation. The locals scattered like roaches, off to other points of access and areas beyond the knowledge of the Texans and Indianans left standing in line.

And, trust me, we've got that place dialed in like nobody's business.

It was fun.

I didn't take any pictures. There's no time for pictures or friends on a powder day.

Besides, that video from yesterday was plenty for the likes of you.

I'm still laughing.

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