Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just need someplace, where I can lay my head

Tonight was an example of why, of why, Bozeman is such a killer town.

Thursdays are "Music on Main."

Main Street in Bozeman is indeed the Main Street.

On Thursdays in the summertime, they close down a block, roll out a flatbed truck, and a band plays.

The bars sell drinks in plastic cups, vendors sell pizza, hotdogs, etc., and the town comes out to hear music.

I would estimate that there were 1000 people out there tonight.

I actually ran into a dozen people I know.

I didn't think I had any friends.

Guess I was wrong.

I saw Forrest, Mike, Mike, Lance, Crissy, Melissa, John, Bells, Alicia and Aden.

The band was really fun.

Everyone was having a good time.

They were all suntanned, laughing, drinking, and enjoying the evening.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures.

I was having too much fun.

I actually enjoyed a White Russian, in the spirit of the Dude.

Enjoy your Friday.

P.S. Just took the dogs for a late night walk around the neighborhood. As we passed a house, not so very far from our own house, I glanced in the front window.

Their house has the same layout as our house.

Our front room is used as my "office;" it's where I keep my guitar, books, a tv, playstation and computer. A lot of "office" work gets done here.

These folks, however, use this same room as a bedroom.

The t.v. was on.

The shades were up.

All the way.

And she was clearly, plain as day, giving him a blowjob.

Right there in front of God and everybody.

And by everybody, I mean, me, India, Barney and Puck.

So, anyway, that was interesting.

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Dudes, duders, duderinos and fellow Acheivers...

I give you The Big Lebowski, distilled to its very core, and presented in 2 minutes and fourteen seconds.

Fuckin' A.