Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ridin' the storm out. Waitin' for the thaw out.

I saw this guy today.

He was probably in his mid-40's.

He was rocking an honest-to-goodness, circa-1985, 20-inch long rat-tail.

It was Awesome.

The guy looked like he had seen some good times.

I bet he rolled with a "Gas, Grass or Ass- Nobody rides for free" bumper sticker.

I am sure he drank his share of PBRs whilst rockin' out to REO Speedwagon at the county fair.

During that era, mullets and rat-tails ruled the county fair beer tent.

You gotta respect the dude.

He stood up for something.

He drew a line in the sand.

He stood on the hood of his bitchin' Camaro, hoisted a warm can of PBR and declared, "IT DON'T GIT NO BETTER 'N THIS, MAAAAAAANNN!!!"

And he stood behind his convictions for lo these many years.

He has ridden the storm out.

He has stared in the face of the feathered look, the teased look, those ridiculous 90210 sideburns, the grunge look, long hair, short hair...

and he has persevered.

And here he is, rocking the living shit out of that rat-tail in the 0-6.

My first reaction was "holy shit, I can't believe my eyes," but it went from Zero to Completely Awesome in, like, 2 seconds.

I mean, seriously.

You gotta respect it.

For real.

We'll make great pets.

In the morning, this sweet, little angel swats my feet and yells at me if I don't get breakfast fast enough for her.

She's much more ferocious than she looks.

On a related note, I have invented a self-scooping litterbox.

You will never need to scoop your litterbox again.

All you need is one 90 lb golden retreiver-

After breakfast, he goes straight to the cookie jar.

P.S. I am going to Big Sky in a couple minutes (2, exactly). I'm not bringing a camera, and this is the last I will mention it. There is a self-imposed ban on snowboarding posts for a while.

I'm sick of writing about it, and I am sure you're sick of reading about it. (Jesus, I just typed "your sick of reading." Ahhh, the horror, the horror.)

What I am not sick of, however, is actuially doing it. Huh huh. I said "doing it."

P.P.S. Do something today just for the fun of it. When was the last time you did that?