Thursday, January 08, 2009

I don't want what others want for me

Tonight, there is a Led Zeppelin cover band playing in town. I had half a notion to go, since we don't get much live music in town, but I figured I would be better off up in the Boogie Station.

Playing music when you have the toys I do is like that saying about having sex: even when it's bad, it's good. Or maybe that was about riding a moped.

I've got a couple of friends rolling in to spend the night tonight, MJ and Blain.

We have a whole crew headed to Moonlight Basin to ski tomorrow. It's $ 15 day! With $ 5 meals! Hooray Recession! Seriously, though, it'll be me, Stanette, Blain, MJ, Ross, Bells and his family, Tricky... and I am sure we will run into a ton of other friends there.

********* My dad gave me an old camera he no longer uses, an old Canon Powershot. I had a Canon Powershot about four cameras and three years ago. It took the best pictures of them all. So, with a little luck, and barring yet another snowboarding vs. camera incident, you will be seeing much clearer pictures henceforth, hereinafter and forthwith. Ostensibly.

Peace out. There's Boogie-ing to be done. It's my Friday.