Sunday, November 11, 2007

Went to school to learn, girl

After hearing Slash interviewed on Howard Stern, I bought his book last Sunday. It was pretty enjoyable, excessive, and ridiculous in all the right ways. By the way, "Slash" isn't a made-up rock name.

When he was in grade school, one of his mom's boyfriends started calling him Slash because he was hyper and always running around. His mom also dated David Bowie for a year.

I have to say, that's a totally legit rockname.

Unlike "Sting," or should I say "Gordon?"

He changed his name at some point from "Gordon" to "Sting."

That was self-chosen. Hey, everybody... call me Sting.


Sting? Really?


Anyway, I finished the book today, closed the last page and learned to play "Patience."

Here are the songs we can play:

Patience - GnR
Take me to the river - Talking Heads
Hide Your Love Away -Beatles
Gold Dust Woman -Fleetwood Mac
Shady Grove -traditional
We're Gonna Be Friends -White Stripes
Rainbow Connection -Kermit the Frog
Long Road -Eddie Vedder/Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn
Untitled =Pearl Jam
Jane Says - Jane's Addiction
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town -Pearl Jam
Betterman -PeaRL jaM
Steal My Kisses --bEN hARPER
For The Turnstiles -Sir Neil Young
867-5309 (Jenny) ----Tommy Tutone
Let My Love Open The Door ---Pete Townshend
I Won't Back Down ---Tom Petty
Old Man ----Sir Neil Young
Rockin in the Free World ----Sir Neil Young
Midnight At the Oasis -----Maria Muldauer
Staple It Together ------Jack Johnson
Land Down Under -----------Men At Work
One ------- U2
All Along the Watchtower ----------Dylan
Waiting Wishing -------Jack Johnson
Upside Down ---------- Jack Johnson
Personal Jesus-------- Depeche Mode, but we do it the Johnny Cash way
Wild Horses ------- Stones
Times Like These ---------Foo Fighters
Tiny Dancer -------- Elton John
D.O.A. ----------- Foo Fighters
Last Kiss ---------- Pearl Jam
Dead Flowers ------------ Stones
You Shook Me All Night Long --------ACmuthaphuckinDC
Fell On Black Days ----------Soundgarden
Honky Tonk Woman ------------ Stones
Sympathy For the Devil ----------- Stones
The Waiting ---------Tom Petty
Free Fallin ----------Tom Petty
Everybody Hurts ------------REM
Breakdown ---------------------Tom Petty
Ooh La La --------------------------- Faces
Let It Bleed ----------- Stones
You Can't Always Get What You Want (on ukelele!) ---------STones
Polly -------Nirvana
Melissa -------------Allman Brothers
About a Girl --------------Nirvana
Two Of Us --------------Beatles
Wonderwall ------------Oasis
Of The Girl -----------Pearl Jam
Show Me the Way -------------- Peter Frampton
Plush ------------Stone Temple Pilots
Highway to Hell ------------ACmuthaphuckinDC
Blackbird------------ Beatles
Crazy ---------Gnarls Barkley, by way of Ray Lamontagne
Lord Have Mercy--------- by Beaver Dam's own Curt Knoll
The Littlest Birds ----------Jolie Holland
Folsom Prison Blues ---------Johnny Cash
Wish You Were Here ---------- Floyd
Run Like Hell--------- Floyd, this time, Pink
Goodbye Blue Sky----------- Again with the Floyd
I'm on Fire ---------- Bruce Sprinsteen
American Girl------------ Tom Petty
Wish List --------- Pearl Jam
Animals ------------ Floyd
Pocahantas (Marlon Briando & me-)------ Sir Neil Young
Santa Baby-------- ?
Silent Night ------------traditional
Whip It---------- DEVO
Gloria ------------------Van Morrisson
Interstate Love Song ------------------STone Temple Pilots
Wanted: Dead or Alive (and, believe me, I hate myself for it) --- Bon Jovi
Wild Thing ---------The Troggs
Hey Hey, My My ------------ Sir Neil Young
For Those About To Rock (FIRE!!!) ------------ ACmuthaphuckinDC

Wow, that's a lot of songs... and I think I missed some. I have never seen them all in one place like that.

The Mitten- First Blood IV: Stripped and Dirty will be playing at Gerty for a few hours on December 1, during the Bozeman Christmas Stroll. By then, you can count on a couple more Christmas songs joining that list.

If you live in Bozeman and read this, please come by. It'll be fun. And if I don't know you, and you read this, by all means, come and introduce yourself.


Harder faster better stronger

This video is pretty damn cool. The music is Daft Punk.