Tuesday, April 21, 2009

State of love and trust
As I busted down the pretext

We have had some awesome weather the last four days. 70's & sunny.

We got a lot of exercise. We took care of some errands, drained the hottub, etc..

On Saturday, we took part in "Record Store Day," and went to Cactus Records downtown and watched Jason Lytle, formerly of the band Grandaddy, perform. He is a funny, fantastic songwriter & performer. As I put it at the time, he is deliciously weird, which is a good thing.

He actually inspired me to pick up my guitar and play when I got home. (Uh, it really doesn't take much to make me pickup the guitar, upon further reflection.) I figured out State of Love and Trust and did some rocking.

We watched some playoff basketball and the movie, The Visitor. It was nominated for some Acadaemy Awards, and I was primarily interested because it starred the guy who played Nathaniel Fisher, the dead-from-the-first-episode-yet-still-lingering patriarch in Six Feet Under. Moreover, it was directed by the guy who did The Station Agent, which I also really liked.

This movie? Not so much. He is a widowed university prof who visits his New York apartment and finds illegal immigrants from the Middle East (Syria?) squatting there. He lets them stay, and befriends them. The male half of the couple teaches the white guy African drumming. Then, in the subway, the Syrian guy gets arrested, and Nathaniel Fisher tries to help him regain his freedom... only (SPOILER)... it never gets resolved. It just ends.

One hour and 43 minutes of my life I will never get back. Oh well, at least my cat enjoyed the hour and 43 minutes of lap time.