Saturday, February 03, 2007

We could be Heroes, just for one day

I rolled out of bed and met Bells at the Bozeman Hot Springs. He took the wheel and handed me a tupperware container. Insiden that tupperware container were two foil-wrapped packages. In one, there were steamed tortillas. Little ones. In the other foil package was eggs, onions, potatoes, and bacon The coup de gras, was when Chris handed me a little jar, and in that jar was some ketchup and habanero mustard.


I know it is a lot to wrap your head around, but, those breakfast burritos knocked me socks off. That habanero mustard is the freakin' bomb-diggity. Ferreal.

We arrived at Big Sky, and big pimped the parking right outside the Moonlight Lodge. That meant that we could gear up on a leather couch. Yeah. We rode up the Iron Horse lift and enjoyed fresh tracks. The snow was soft, and it was as good a day as we have seen this winter.

Things are getting back to the way they ought to be.

I broke my helmet. I also broke my boot. If you are keeping track, over the last 12 months, I have broken a board (a Crap board. i stripped the screw holes. ((screw holes.))); a pair of boots ((((Heelside boots. Step-ins, compatible with Switch bings. Not that it matters, because I destroyed them.)))); a Burton Triumph Board (((((Snapped it in half. Freak thing.))))); and today, my helmet and my boot.

That is a veritable swath of destruction.

Today, I brought almost everything I needed. I was shy one Gore-tex shell mitten. I can roll with that. Just keep your left hand out of the snow as much as possible.

We hung out in the Moonlight Lodge at lunch.

Kinda Brokeback, ain't it?

Here is me, pretending to be retarded. That's right. Pretending.

Video redacted.

Here is me, as filmed by Christopher.