Saturday, January 21, 2006

As we walk down the country lanes
I'll be singin' a song
Hear me callin' your name

Did a quick few hours at Big Sky this morning.

Burned a few hotlaps on Andesite Mountain. Found some (what else?) fresh tracks and some gladed runs that were...


It snowed 4 or 5 inches last night, so there was a fluffy layer over everything. It was fun and I got after it in the trees.

I had a spectacular wipeout that incorporated a faceplant, a tumbling, twisting flip... and an assload of snow, unleashed in a mushroom cloud of white-hot fury.

I left the camera in the car while I was riding, so you'll just have to wait for tomorrow for some actual snowboarding photos.

I had to hustle back to let the dogs out. I took them for a long walk in back of the house.

It's always fun to watch senior citizens having a good time. We think Barney is 12.

Puck is turning 14 shortly. That is the equivalent of 98 in human years.

Tonight we are thinking about seeing Walk the Line or The Gay Cowboy Movie. For some reason I take great delight in saying "The Gay Cowboy Movie" every time anyone mentions Brokeback Mountain.

"We saw Brokeback Mountain."

"Oh, the Gay Cowboy Movie? How was it?"

I liked this picture.