Saturday, January 10, 2009

Singing songs for pimps with tailors
Who charge ten dollars at the door

It is the biggest full moon of the year tonight.

A couple years ago, my friend, Tony, a.k.a T-Rex, asked that me and Stanette learn his favorite Neil Young song, "For the Turnstiles."

(I don't care ... I'm just gonna say it. Do you know any people who do that ^^ on their Saturday afternoons?)

(Do any of your friends have a gong?)

(I do. I have a gong. And I use it.)

We've gotten better since then. I don't sing, and I have more toys.

I am on a bit of a snowboarding bender. I went yesterday. I went today. I am going tomorrow.

But then again, that is the reason I threw down my legal pad and moved here.

On the way back home from Big Sky yesterday, a deer got hit by a car.

It was a snaky, canyon road, and the deer just ran out in front of this pickup. It hurt to watch.

The deer was flailing in the snowbank on the side of the road, adrenaline surging, trying to get off the road.

It was hard to see.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I bought a Count Chocula costume.

It's pretty much the coolest thing I have ever bought. It's not even Halloween, and I bought it.

Leave a comment if you didn't find that funny, and tell me. Show your work.

I give and I give. I live and I live. And I share it here with you, more's the pity.

Dude. Count Chocula?

Give it up. It's badass and you know it.