Saturday, November 19, 2005

Never say forever 'cause nothing lasts, dancing with the bones of my buried past

Thank you P., for the geetar tab to that song. Got it down, with lyrics (which were harder than the guitar part to memorize... but then again, the new crystal meth habit is doing funny things to my memory). It will become part of Thundercake/Bigwampum/Catpiss Junction/Stinkfist's set.

Our groupies love it already:


They're moshing.


Oh, and the crystal meth thing? IT'S A JOKE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Sure, completely tasteless and insensitive, but can you really expect me to shake off three years of law school and ten years of practicing law that quickly? These things take time.

Don't do drugs, kids. Stick to booze and smokes. Much healthier. And you'll be so drunk you can't operate the tweezers to remove your eyebrows. Plus the shadow people don't bother drunks.

OK, I'll stop. Sheez.


Gotta go. Thank you all for stopping by and reading this crap. The writing hasn't been too great of late, but I will make a little more effort.

If you have a comment, suggestion, or you need Dear Abby-type advice, email me at I'll keep your name out of it, and maybe we can have some fun with it...

I am angling to become the Dear Abby of the internet, well, if Dear Abby decided to embark on a recreational crystal meth habit and said "fuck" every fifth word. (Last one, I promise. I said these things take time.)