Sunday, February 11, 2007

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
If you go straight long enough, you end up where you were

Dear Diary,

I had a nice weekend. I am sorry I haven't written these last few days.

A lot of different things happened, and I took a ton of really good pictures.

A ton.


I am not sure whether to just lay out all the goodness in some War and Peace, super-sized, super-scrolling, gi-normous, granny-panty post that the ADD generation will forego in favor of something quick, greasy and familiar, or if I should just break this thing off into chapters, and string it out over your work week for you to enjoy, like they used to listen to serial thrillers on the radio before television came along and begat video games, which begat an entire fat McDonald's generation of chicken mcnugget kids that don't like to go outside, don't read, don't run or ride a bike, play kickball or hoop, or work on a curveball... none of that.

Anyway, I guess if I am going to lay down a paragraph of that magnitude, I may as well lay down an opus. Screw anyone on dial-up or some other anemic internet artery.

An opus it is, then...

I think we left off on Friday, when I took a well-deserved day off to mourn Anna Nicole Smith. (We hardly knew ye.)

Big Sky got a bunch of snow.

The avalanche dogs were playing.

Snow was blowing.

It was a fantastic day.

Yup. That's Montana. Unsightly. Please, just stay in California, riding on endless cloverleaf overpass choked concrete sunwashed squinting snobbery.

After all that powder, I played some music and watched some movies- Factotum, based on the Bukowski book by the same name... I liked it a lot. Matt Dillon was in it.

^^That is a still from the movie.

Y'know what?

I rethought the whole opus thing. Most people have the attention span of a fruitfly.