Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In the morning
Don't say you love me
Because I'll only kick you out of the door

Well, golly gee wilikers.

How was your weekend?


So, in the mornin'
Please don't say you love me
Cause you know I'll only kick you out the door
Yeah, I'll pay your cab fare home
You can even use my best cologne
Just don't be here in the mornin' when I wake up

(What's your name?)

Did you act the fool?

Did you roll the dice?

Did you rock it out?

Did you lay it down?

Did you light it up?

Did you tangle with the tiger?

I've got these ramblin' blues.

What's next?

As far as I am concerned, Bob Dylan can go braid Patty Smith's armpit hair while they both bitch about cell phones and the internet. I'll be at Wal-Mart, buying factory farm sneakers and third world sweatshop eggs.

My weekend was really nice. Thursday, Alicia and Aden came over for some barbecue.

Saturday, we actually stayed in bed until 11 a.m., which I haven't done in about 20 years. We moseyed out for a late breakfast & some groceries so Stanette could make some guacomole to bring to the Cinco party.

The party was fun. There was a really nice crowd of people & children doing the pinata thing, bouncing on trampolines, drinking margaritas, laughing etc. Later on, we played a few tunes, which went really well. (translation: I didn't screw up and Stanette commanded the room and sang beautifully, as usual) It was pretty well received, so we played a few more tunes than we originally intended.

Sunday, we took a long, leisurely walk in the sunshine with Puck and let him sniff around to his heart's content. He has a lot of trouble getting around these days, so it is more about the sniffing than the walking at this point.

We cooked up some steaks and settled in for the Sopranos.

Went out for a nice run yesterday. Stanette went easy on me, pace-wise, and I was able to enjoy the beautiful views without wondering whether I was having a heart attack.

It's another week. What can you do?

Saturday = Mexico. Yay. We're going to someplace that is only accessible by boat, way down near Puerto Vallarta. Double yay.

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