Sunday, November 04, 2007

In a world that keeps on pushin me around
I won't back down

I wanted to take a moment and solicit some good thoughts, prayers and positive vibrations for my friend, and frequent commenter here, P.

P. and I used to work together at my old law firm in the Dam. We've both since moved on to other things, but we have remained in close contact.

She has a scary heart thing going on this Thursday or Friday.

She noticed she had an irregular, galloping heartbeat some time ago, and she generally just dealt with it.

Last week, she mentioned it to an attentive physician's assistant by the name of Brendan (with whom I used to play volleyball, as an aside)...

Apparently, it was serious enough to merit rushing into the university hospital, cut to the front of the line situation. From what I understand, they don't know exactly what is causing this, but it is serious.

So Thursday (or Friday), they are going to snake this camera up her femoral artery, from her thigh and up into her (huge) heart and try to either shock it, or kill off the part of her heart that is causing this irregular electric impulse.

(P.- I am sorry if I fucked up the details of this, but, as you know, I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV.)

So, anyway, P. is a sweetheart and very good friend of mine, so please send her some prayers, or good thoughts, or, if you are a dirty naked hippie, maybe see if you can throw a drum circle together.

P., I love you and I hope everything goes alright this week.


Get to the promised land

Had a party last night.

My house is small, and I haven't had more than four or five people to the house before last night. In an odd way, I am kind of embarrassed to have people over. I mean, I think my house is decked out in style, especially with all the plants and love and little touches that Stanette has brought... but, in the social circle I have fallen into, well... some of them have very nice places.

I live in a whopping 1555 square feet. Granted, 99.99% of the time, I am perfectly content with the situation. In fact, I have two bedrooms and two bathrooms that I really don't need. (Okay. I admit, I enjoy having a bathroom that is solely dedicated to dumping. There's a stack of books in there, ranging from Bukowski to Burroughs; it is isolated from the general population; good exhaust, plenty of room to stretch out and explore the studio space... I like it.)

I'm not sure where I was going with this, except that it went alright. Everyone had a good time. We (shocker) ended up playing some music, and I coaxed a couple people into joining in, including a blonde named Emily. I slung a bass over her shoulder and said, "Your job is to look hot."

It was a pizza party, and I worked like an illegal immigrant, rolling dough, sprinkling cheese, mixing drinks and, you know, being me.

Later, when we were playing music, I was made aware that I am out of my league.

I am out of my league, and I always have been.

I guess that begs the question of exactly which league I'm in.

Anyway, it was daylight savings today, and I took a four hour drive by myself, listening to satellite radio.

Here is the photographic evidence of same:

Sexy bitch.

I live in the best place on earth.

In addition to the burden of being so goddamned sexy, that is a considerable cross to bear. Living here? Being me? It's a tough fucking job.

You have absolutely no idea what goes into it.

This is Big Sky. Pray for more snow.

I have been down every one of those chutes across the top, except for those that cliff out to the far left. By the by, that include the couloir on the very righty edge of the shadow off the tippy-top. Yes, it was scary.

Conveniently, in this next picture, the part of the mountain that is covered by shadow is Moonlight Basin resort. They share the ridge with Big Sky. This season, I have access to the whole enchilada.

You have to hike to those chutes in the shadow. An avalanche transceiver and shovel is required.

(Big Sky again. Moonlight is over the right shoulder. In case you gave a shit.)