Thursday, July 15, 2010

I feel alright

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids

In fact, it's cold as hell

The insurance adjuster came by the house today. We had a ridiculous hailstorm, golf ball to baseball size was reported. Everyone's car, including Stanette's, looks like a Jiffy Pop.

Her car was totaled. We need a new roof, gutters, a couple windows, some siding, paint, stain on the whole goddamn fence... and on the cedar shakes. The hail beat the stain right off it.

^^Picture from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

On writer's almanac on NPR today, Garrison Keilor recited a Charles Bukowski poem about the middle finger, flipping the bird.

I am just a fun lovin', low level criminal. I drive the getaway car. I get a cut of the take.

My friend, Dave, did this in response to my middle-aged, lawn-mowing angst.

I'm starting to enjoy it, too. I love my weed-wacker. The nineteen year old me would be disgusted with the forty year old me.

^^That's Dave.

The keys light up on my organ. (heh heh heh) Seriously, that has really helped me to learn piano. Best $ 50 I have ever spent. Really.

Heh heh.

My friend Blain was in Billings and he saw a jacked-up Dodge with smokestacks and a bumper sticker that said, "NUGENT-PALIN 2012."

And, why not? The Mayans say we're done in 2012. We may as well go out laughing.