Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who controls the past now controls the future. Who controls the present now?
Now testify
It's right outside your door.

Rampant fucking stupidity. That link is to an article discussing grizzly bears and the Endangered Species Act. The federal government wants to de-list grizzlies from the Act due to their "successful recovery." The grizzly bear population had dwindled to 225-300 bears in 1975 when they were first listed.

Now, there are a whopping 600 bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

De-listing would remove all federal management of the species, and turn it over to state control, which would open the possibility of limited hunts. Wyoming tried (unsucessfully) this last year to institute a wolf hunt, due to their successful reintroduction to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. There are somewhere around 300 identified breeding pairs of wolves. (Wolves generally group into packs, and only two members of the pack breed, so one could extrapolate that there are a couple thousand wolves.) And they want to hunt them.

So, without a doubt, they are going to want to hunt for grizzlies. A grizzly would make a nice trophy.

I am all for less federal government involvement in all aspects of our lives, but this astounds me.

600 is considered "recovered." Not only "recovered," but enough that states (I'm looking at you, Wyoming) will likely let people out and start killing them. Isn't that how they became endangered in the first place?


Yeah, 600 is a lot. Let's shoot some.

Fuckin' A.

That is dumber than a 30,000 calorie sandwich.

I would like to issue human hunting licenses. Let's cull the herd. I think it is a little thick in Washington D.C. Generations of overfeeding with an absence of natural predators has caused this overpopulation.


At the very least, could we get a little Mad Politician Disease?

Wonderboy and Young Nastyman joined forces. They formed a band, the likes of which have never been seen
And They Called Themselves Tenacious D

Every once in a while, you'll stumble across something so beautiful, so sublime that your jaw hits the floor and you are too stunned for words.

Yes, of course, there is natural beauty, which has been well-documented on this website. I am living in a treasure-trove of natural beauty, and I am floored nearly every day by the things I see.

But every so often, a man-made work will produce the same effect. I am sure we have all experienced such things. Maybe a painting, a piece of music or a book so moved you that it causes you to contemplate whether the Hand of God was involved in the creation. You become rapt with wonder that such a thing was created by human hands.

Sometimes the sheer ambition that goes into such a creation is beyond the ken of mortal man. It shakes the very foundation of your belief system and makes you feel Anything Is Possible.

I have had such an experience today. Except it was not a work of art, music or literature.

It was a sandwich I read about on the internet.

A 30,000 calorie sandwich.

There are no words. Only tears, and awestruck wonder.

This kid deserves a Nobel Prize, an Oscar and a Purple Heart, all rolled up into one, disgusting sandwich.

Here it is, in all its Glory. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!