Friday, June 15, 2007

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
Walk a straight line and you'll end up where you were

I'm not sure what I have to say here.

I'm feeling better. I went to the gym today.

I'll go again tomorrow, then some kayaking.

There are supposed to be thunderstorms rolling in.

Blain and Jackson stopped through again. We had some grilled pork chops that were marinated in some tarragon-lemon-etc-etc-etc goodness, covered in (grilled) sliced onions marinated in italian dressing and soy sauce, along with some baked (in foil) sweet potatoes that had been rubbed with butter and salt, sliced and spread with pesto inside, and some broccoli slaw with sliced grape tomatoes, raisins, pine nuts and cole slaw dressing.

We don't mess around here in Baxter Meadows.

I think I split my stomach open. My duodenum is definitely on strike and I am about to lapse into a diabetic coma.

Nevertheless, when I read that paragraph up there, I still salivate like Pavlov's dog.

Here are some pictures to enjoy while you salivate. (She's got satin shoes.)

In case you are developmentally disabled and/or you grew up in the Biosphere, those digital pictures were taken at a Rolling Stones concert last October. The day after my birthday, in fact.

And that's the day teardrops start, fella.

Tiny cities made of ashes.

Does anybody know a way a body could get away?