Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sometimes, I feel I've got to
Run Away
I've got to
Get Away

Yesterday (Monday), I took the day off to say goodbye to Madison.

I went to the Y in the morning. I performed a little science experiment. When I work out, I usually run/climb/ride at a a fairly intense level for 50-60 minutes, during the course of which, I sweat like James Brown on PCP. I weighed myself before and after the workout on the same scale. I lost 6 pounds in an hour.


I cruised into Madison, windows down, sunroof open, enjoying the tunes and the sunshine.

I met my friend, J-Ho, a/k/a Uncle Jesse, at my favorite place in the universe, The Great Dane Brewpub.

We sat at the bar there, had lunch and enjoyed a tasty beverage. He just got back from Ireland, where he took a bicycle trip with his innamorata, The Prev. They had a wonderful time, got engaged on a beach (Yay, J-Ho and the Prev!), and ran into Wisconsinites everywhere they went.

I stopped at half-price books, and dropped off a load of shit that netted me a nifty $ 47. Who needs a job when you can eke out an existence pawning off your possessions? I gave some of the money back to the store by purchasing a hard cover William Burroughs compilation called Word Virus.

I also stopped at REI to pick up a rooftop carrier for the Subaru. We will need this for the trip out, since the car will be full of animals.

After that, I headed over to Token Creek. This is a beautiful park, the nicest disc golf course I have ever seen. Narrow, oak-lined fairways. Gorgeous ups & downs.

Here is a hole. # 7, I believe.

I shot -2 from the pro tees. J-Ho finished work and joined me for a round from the amateur tees. It was his first round ever, and he did quite well. I shot a -6, but the amateur tees are too generous with their pars.

Then it was back home to bubble wrap dishes...

Today will bring mounting the roof rack, sweeping out the garage, a trip to the Y for a final game of volleyball and packing, packing, packing....

Editor's note: my final play was a textbook bump-set-spike with Lori, which I put away for game point, cross-court. It's nice to go out on a good note.