Thursday, August 09, 2007

Half his life, a hand me down
Wasted away
He fills it up
With the thoughts
Of the girl

Please, listen to that^^

How he makes his getaway.


Speaking of Dude...

Is "boss" the new "dude?"

I was called "boss" no less than 6 times last weekend in Chicago.


Or young.

Would you rather be smart or young?


Did you listen to that YouTube video up there?

If you didn't, you should.

By the way, I haven't forgotten about that funny story that I discussed and CANNOT post.

I just don't really know if I want to put it in writing.

Old habits die hard.

I used to practice law,

Technically, I still maintain my license.

But I couldn't imagine any circumstance that would precipitate a return to active practice.

(((Hey. Those of you who read this and have blogs of your own {{{{and there are a few}}}}, update your blog.

I'm talking to you, Quagmire.

And the rest of you slack-ass sons of bitches.


What, you start 3 or 4 blogs and never write a thing. You just call me and bitch when I don't write. Well, I'm letting your calls go to voicemail.

I'm not goiing to call anyone else out, but what the hell?

A little help here.

Christ, I might have to buckle down.

Or maybe order the online classes for 6 steps to financial freedom.

And abs.

Sometimes a thousand words are better than the picture.

Fuckin' A.

I like your style. Dude.


Have a nice Friday, you ungrateful, voyeuristic, magnificent bastards.