Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well, honey, it's not one of those

Another guest blog! This one by the always-funny, Carmela, betrothed of UJ.... Enjoy.

Whilst living in Bozeman poses many challenges for The Dude (make a sandwich or get delivery? Go to work or go boarding? Watch Napoleon Dynamite one more time or go get some huevos rancheros? Bacon or Canadian bacon?), these challenges do not approximate the ones faced in life with one “I’m going to have to repack the trunk” U.J.

For instance, one recent discussion we had was related to whether or not our dog should be called ‘Anna’ or ‘Ana’ (phonetically indistinguishable, mind you – no crazy accents; she’s just a farm dog, after all).

U.J. thought it might be too late to make the change from Anna – probably too hard for the dog to adapt. And then there’s all that paperwork to be filed…Apparently ‘Ana’ means ‘One Who Loves to Watch TV and Listen To NPR After Lunch’ in an ancient form of Gaelic (actually it means ‘Grace’, which, if you’ve ever had a puppy you know is the furthest from the truth in terms of appropriate adjectives), whereas ‘Anna’ doesn’t mean shit (actually, it also means ‘Grace’- go figure!). We left it open ended. He calls her ‘Ana’ I call her ‘Anna’ – potato, pot-ahto…

If you’ve been to our house, you know we also have two cats as well. Buclie (the cat formerly known as Buckley) and Bidls (a.k.a - Biddles). Buclie & Bidls are brother and sister. U.J. once asked me if I thought they were twins.

Have you seen this guy? He’s the one who Audrey Seiler described as having abducted her….Break the wrist, walk away.

As alluded to earlier, U.J., to whom T.V. is like water to a Gremlin has taken to leaving BOTH the radio and T.V. on for the dog. I think that if we’re going to do that we should at least get cable, maybe even HD. She’s getting a new crate this weekend, so maybe she can just pimp that out.

Nice one, Carmela...