Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Seek... Seek and destroy

Practicing knife and hatchet throwing... because you never know.

A carpet that smells like hot garbage and bad bacon.

Waking up to find a racoon scavenging in the kitchen of your second floor apartment.

Skateboarding, at a time and place when nobody skateboarded.

Never washing your sheets.

Every flat surface feeling sticky.

Running... not for exercise, but away.

Road trips that bend the mind.


See the idiot walk. See the idiot talk. See the idiot chalk his name up on the blackboard.

"You are 58 years old?"


"You drive a convertible?"


"You wear loafers with no socks?"


"Every day?"


"You're bald?"


"Yes, I can see that. You wear it a bit long in the back?"


"Is that a 'yes?'"


"And, today, you decided to pull it back into a pony tail?"


"And that pony tail is approximately an inch and a half to two inches in length?"


"I have nothing further."