Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Restless soul, enjoy your youth
Like Mohammed, hits the truth.
Can't escape from the common rule
If you hate something, don't you do it, too

To Wdegraw: Sweet! Glad you are going skiing. I am not even a remotely religious person, nor am I even "spirichul," but something about being on the mountain, in the sunshine, ripping turns... it puts a little bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eye. We actually received a winter storm advisory for 6-12 inches of snow in Bozeman, more at elevation...

And, since you have not been the only one to ask, a brief review of lyrics, going back in time: Yesterday was "I could have lied," by the Chili Peppers, off Blood Sugar Sex Magic. 10/30 was Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. The next 10/30 was Spirits in the Material World, the Police. 10/29 was Until the End of the Earth, U2. The next 10/29 was Pinball Wizard, the Who. 10/27 was a spoken bit from Texas Radio and the Big Beat, the Doors. 10/25, Two of Us, the Beatles. Then Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Cake, Iggy Pop, Iggy Pop, the Doors, Nirvana & Talking Heads, respectively.

Usually, I pick a lyric from a song I heard while I was running that day. I always run with the 3000 songs on the iPod on shuffle, so I get a good bit of variety. Once in a while, I will try to match a lyric to what I am feeling, or the subject matter of the post...

Today's entry is "Not For You," by Pearl Jam. If in the future, you want to know a lyric, just ask in a comment, and ye shall receive.
This is my niece, Lucy, rocking out:

Speaking of yoga, India dragged me to a class tonight. What an experience. This tiny, little firecracker of a lady holds daily classes at her house, which she calls the Aspen Ark. The house itself is a trip. It definitely sticks out on the block, with an overgrown, vaguely Japanese-feeling garden. Cedar siding, natural look. As you stroll up, you are greeted by a monstrous gentle giant of a dog- a 150 lb Newfoundland named Boo-Boo.

When you walk in, it has a completely open architecture, and everything is wood. There is a huge great room where the class takes place. This also doubles as a living room and kitchen with an island off to one side. It is a large space; there were 14 people in there on yoga mats, getting our asses kicked.

They have built in shelves and cubby holes on all the walls, with the most fascinating stuff in every little corner. There was a bathroom and a few rooms behind a door, but most of the house was this great room, and there was a loft over half of the great room.

I am doing a horrible job describing it, but it was a really, really cool space, inhabited by two very interesting people. I wouldn't mind living in a house just like it. (I intend to go back, and if at all possible, I will take pictures. It feels a bit invasive, but you have to get a load of this place... If I can do it, or think of a good reason to ask without feeling like a total shitheel, I will.)

The instructor was even more of a trip than the house. I would guess she is 65, maybe 5'2", 100 pounds, with a totally outsized personality. Just funny as hell, full of life, totally into it. She wears these oversized, black Jackie-O shades, indoors, no less, and has more energy than Richard Simmons hopped up on a triple latte, except she is about 1000 times hipper than Richard Simmons. She had me laughing at several points. She donates all the fees to charity, so she is pretty much doing this for the pure joy of it, which is fairly obvious when you spend 5 minutes with her.

As for the question, "what would the guys think of this yoga business?" Well... She absolutely whipped my ass. A 65 year old 100 pound pixie kicked my ass. Soundly. I was drenched in sweat, and broke out in a full-on muscle quiver in some of the poses. Granted, it's not hard to whip my ass in yoga, but still...it is not like I am a fat, out-of-shape dude. I run about six miles at a pretty good clip, five or six times a week. Totally challenging, but in a good way.

My written description is really not doing justice to the experience.


re: yesterday's cryptic post- I did indeed "get it out" by doing some private writing and talking to a couple good friends. I felt better having discussed two unrelated, but very painful issues. One has to with my own little demons and the other has to do with a loved one who is facing a scary, difficult health issue.

To those of you who contacted me or left a note, both friends and strangers, I thank you for your concern. There are some genuine, caring, kind people out there.

Plus, Ashton and Demi are coming in to town tomorrow, and they are a rolling par-tay, so I can't be bogged down with any tortured-soul, "how does that make you feeeeeeel," angsty bullshit. We're gonna kick it old school.

If it's gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna put my dick in the mashed potatoes.