Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hands are shakin, got your finger on the trigger
Jesus ain't complainin', gonna figure it out.

A few weeks back, I was having a conversation about recreational moustaches with my buddy, Finndawg.

We were discussing the various merits of the Magnum, the Sam Elliot, the Doc Holliday, et alia.

And Finndawg, who has a nickname for everyone, everyplace, and everything, busted out a sweet term for the 'stache that I had not yet heard:

Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from the Heart of Chi-town, by way of Tanglebad in the Great White North, I give you...

The Cockduster


It's a great term. I highly recommend exploring the studio space with it. And it's not just for moustaches any more.

It is very close in nature to my very own, personally-coined term, Cocktoaster, which has proved so versatile that it is being used in church and within the halls of Congress.

So, there you go.


Try it on.

Take it for a walk around the block.

Give it some air.

Let it breathe.