Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When your spine is crackin
And your hands, they shake

I can't get that song out of my head.

("Ventilator Blues," Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street)

I enjoyed a double feature last night after the gym.

I watched the Deadwood replay.

How good is Deadwood this year? It has been incredible, getting better with each episode. Last night, Hearst finally bared his fangs. (That scene where he spits in EB's face was fantastic.) And the whole potshot at Mrs. Ellsworth/Alma Garrett plot was fantastic.

By the way, how hot is she?

This picture doesn't do her justice, but here she is...

Enough with the rhetorical questions, but I have developed an Old West crush on Mrs. Ellsworth/Alma Garrett.

And, I know I touted Ari Gold as the best character on television a few months ago, but Al Fuckin' Swearengen gives him a run for his money.

Following that, I watched a wonderfully twisted movie named Donnie Darko.

I know this movie has been around for a while, but I saw it for the first time last night.

Jake Gyllenhal is Donnie Darko (his real life sister plays his sister, and they have a fantastic insult-fest at the family dinner table), a perhaps schizophrenic/definitely disturbed youth who is prone to sleepwalking and speaking his mind in school. He may or may not be responsible for burning down a house, flooding a school, and other acts.

Oh, and while sleepwalking, an airplane engine falls out of the sky and crushes his room.

He has visions (or hallucinations) portending his doom, while he is out sleepwalking. These visions also are uncannily true.

I don't want to go too much farther, but it is a mind-fuck of a movie. In a good way.

The only nit-picky thing I could say is Drew Barrymore (who also produced the movie) is cast as a "cool" English teacher and she is just... distracting. Her sunny, flower-girl disposition doesn't fit in with this mind-bender. Dr. Carter (Noah Wylie from ER), playing another teacher, on the other hand, was great.

Good flick. I really liked it.

I'm out.

Adventure day today.