Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Find yourself a girl and settle down
Live a simple life in a quiet town

Well, that last post sure did stir a reaction from you.

Dan-O called me and told me he hated it and almost left a comment that read, "Get over yourself, you sappy fuck." I actually laughed and agreed with him. We here at the Dude Abides fully endorse ball-busting.

Others felt differently.


Edit: I dumped said post. Little ones and zeroes, scattered into the ether.

I have been in a somewhat maudlin state of mind (with good reason), amd that reflects on what I write.

I'm not exactly walking around with my hands in my pockets, staring at the ground and kicking dirt or anything, but I'm not exactly in manic Jack Black mode, either.

Writing about it here is cheaper and probably more effective than therapy.

Entropy is gaining a major foothold in my house.

I need a maid.

And a butler.

And a driver.

And maybe a Sherpa.

For real on the maid thing, though.

You wouldn't think a place could go from "wealthy lawyer" to "sophomore year" in two weeks.

I have been listening to the new Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium, the Raconteurs, and very early Rod Stewart/Faces lately.

The Raconteurs are Jack White's (White Stripes) new band. Level and Steady as She Goes are erxceptional.

As for the Peppers, who are one of my all-time favorites, they brought back the funk on this one. They were losing me with the Beach Boys harmonies... But they turned John Frusciante loose on this one. He is their not-so-secret weapon.

As for Rod Stewart circa 1970, well, listen to Every Picture Tells a Story. Listen to Ron Wood. I mean, damn.

Of course, none of them are even in the same realm as Shit Mitten, but who is?

The way I figure it, you have Led Zeppelin and Shit Mitten.

That's it.

I need to embark on an adventure this weekend.

I got invited on a 3 day backpacker with some people, but, well, how do I put this?

The place they are going is cool- great scenery, great fishing (golden trout!)- and three days in the mountains would hit the spot...

But, at the risk of sounding like a prick, these people are more "day-hike" friends than "three days in the backcountry" friends.

I was considering taking my inflatable kayak into some big water on the upper Yellowstone. The stretch of river would require a healthy dose of completely-fucking-insane to run in an inflatable kayak in May, June, or early July, but the runoff has mellowed some.

But in August, it only requires a shot of slightly unhinged.

Which I am.

But you knew that.

I am sort of craving an adrenaline rush activity, but snowboarding season is 3 long months away.

Normally, this isn't a problem for me, as the hiking, kayaking, fishing, running, biking and lions-and-tigers-and-bears-oh-my take me through enough jaw-dropping scenery that I can stave off the adrenaline cravings until I can strap on a board and do something really, really questionable.

But my recent visits to Big Sky with my dad and Tony have stoked the dormant fire.

Why don't you guys decide?

Irwin M. Fletcher, you choose:

What should the Dude do this weekend?
Kayak big whitewater on the Yellowstone
Rent a full suspension mountain bike and body armor and bomb down black diamonds at Big Sky
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Private message: Topper/Kris- send me an email! You gave me the wrong damn email address when I was last in the Dam, and I have tried every freaking permutation of it.