Sunday, January 22, 2006

Me and the gambler, we couldn't agree. We got in a fight over Tennessee. Pulled our guns and he fell with a thud, and I rode away on a Tennessee Stud.

It was one of those days today.

The sun rose and said, "hello."

I picked up Bells at about 7:45, and we rolled up to Big Sky.

It was a sunny, gorgeous morning.

We proceeded directly to the top of the mountain.

There were still fresh tracks to be had, as you can see here.

We didn't have to wait long for the tram.

Someone in line quoted the Trainspotting "Choose Life" speech. I knew it was going to be a good day.

There was a crazy skier trying to pick his way down one of the chutes in this picture. Everyone in the tram was watching him realize, "Uh, maybe this was a mistake."

I made sure my chi was flowing and my chakras were aligned on the peak.

Then I busted out with a Vegas-era, Fat Elvis move.

The snow was incredible. Powder and sunshine... what's not to like?

I hope this winter never ends.

It was a good send-off for Bells; he had a perfect final day on the slopes. It started dumping in the afternoon and we ripped it up until they shut the place down.

On the way back we saw a huge bighorn sheep and two bald eagles.

We have a lot of fun riding together, and I will miss him pushing me to continually ride harder.

They are heading to Arizona tomorrow morning.

See you when you get back in April, bud.


Tonight, India and I went to see Walk the Line. I was already a huge Johnny Cash fan, and I loved the movie... but I would imagine that this movie will inspire people who had never listened to the Man In Black to check out his music.

India asked me to burn some JC tunes for her. She loved it, too, and thinks it will be a toss-up with the Gay Cowboy Movie for Best Picture.

It is definitely worthy of awards, however, I wonder if Ray winning those awards last year will hurt its chances, since the story arcs are so similar.



Puck is turning 14 in March, not 13.

Keep on truckin', little buddy.

Beautiful girl, lovely dress
High school smiles, oh yes
Beautiful girl, lovely dress
Where she is now I can only guess

Walk the Line was sold out for the 8th straight week, according to the movie theater manager. "Better than Star Wars," she said.

Even though I am a huge Star Wars fan, I think this is cool because, in his own way, Johnny Cash was a Jedi.

(star wars sidebar: as I think I chronicled on this website, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I loved Episode 3. It was redemption for the tripe served up in Episodes 1 and 2. It was no Empire, but it was good.)

In any case, this situation resulted in India and I going to see the Gay Cowboy Movie.

It was a really well-done, touching (well, not that kind of touching, though I am sure there were some confused, uncomfortable, squirming real-life Montana cowboys in the audience), but ultimately very sad movie.

In the middle, India whispered to me that she had to pee.

"Go ahead. I'll fill you in."

"I don't want to miss any hot, man-on-man love."

All kidding aside- and trust me, I am having a hard time typing an entire sentence without cracking some kind of joke- it was a really well-done movie. It will probably win some awards.

There, I did it. Nary a joke about all the beans they were eating or the mental health of the sheep they were supposedly watching. Very little terrified bleating.

Must... stop...


Well, today will be Bells' last day on the slopes with me this season, as he heads out for points south later this week.

The sun is starting to rise behind the Bridgers and it looks like it will be a sunny day.

As my friend, Jimmy, says...

Later, Gators.