Monday, November 06, 2006

You gotta...
Dirt off your shoulder


I am lullin', if lullin' can be considered a word.

Big Sky opens on Thanksgiving.

I have every intention of being there on opening day, burning turns and ripping it up.

Before that, though, I have my trip to LA.

The D and the One Loss S.C.

Right after Thanksgiving, I head back to 'Sconi.

The Dam.

And somewhere in there, Jay Z's new album drops.

Which, if it lives up to half of what I read, will be the shizzle.

But between now and those events, and mixed all betwixt, I do boring things.

I work out, because, quite frankly, you just can't do what I need to do on the mountain without being in top condition. If you slack on your fitness, you are basically putting yourself in jeopardy.

Plus it is cool to bounce like a mother------ from the moment you get off the chair until you get back on. Resting is for the weak.

Other than that, I have been playing guitar.

A lot.

Working on some stuff for the Mitten.

Bells is fired up.

He is coming out of his shell and taking the front for a few beautiful tunes, which is exciting.

He gets kind of shy sometimes.

I am working on translating the Bill Withers' song, "Use Me," which is primarily synthesizer, to guitar so we can rock that mother. Because, if you know the song, then you know it is about as good as it gets.

And when a song is that good, you kind of have to grab it by the throat and make it your own, because when you just try and imitate the original artist, like that guy in your dorm freshan year, who played Pink Floyd songs and tried a little to hard to sound just like them.... well, you know...

There have been a few really excellent moments recently, and when I think of it, I will throw you some more video.

Like I said... been playing a lot.

It is good to sit here and make myself think of positive things, because it seems I have been immersed in an excess of the negative lately.

Life can and will bite you by your ass, drag you under the murky water and stash you under a log, florida croc-style, if you aren't careful.

Well, I think you're Crazy.

Just like me.

Could would can't won't, but wouldn't you like to know?