Monday, December 25, 2006

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

Hit me.

I am having a downright shitty Christmas.

It's awful. Just awful.

Uhh, yeah.

Half a mil for bail because I'm African.

OK- so here is the skinny:

Quagnire rolled in and just represented.

We drove through urban sprawl, and just had a soul-crushing Christmas.

We drove to Targhee, which is situated on the back (West) side of the Tetons.

Screw this pretense.

It snowed 15 inches overnight, and then the sun came out.

Which made for a god-awful, swamp-ass miserable day.


It was terrible, and don't let the look on our face fool you.

It sucked.

Big time.

And then, I remembered...

I live where people take vacations!

For crying out loud.

(Can I tell it?)

((Can I?))

(((Would you look at Craig?!?!)))


(((((You can probably t ell by the look on my face that I am having No Fun Whatsoever.)))))

((((((Are you enjoying this post?

I am.))))))

(((((((Every once in a while, you look back on your day, and you say, "I can die now.")))))))

((((((((Honestly, today was one of those days.))))))))


((((((((((((Follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy. You owe it to yourself. Because, if you think about it, and if your really dig deep and search your memory and think back on all that you were taught, and all that you read...

Can you recall anyone who said, "I should have dialed it back. I shouldn't have had so much fun?")))))))))))))))

Yeah, me neither.

Merry Christmas.