Sunday, September 11, 2005

Love myself better than you, I know it's wrong, so what should I do?

After I ran, I took the dogs out for a stroll in phase two of our subdivision. It was around sunset, and I took some pictures.

I apologize for the poor quality; I was playing with the zoom.

This is the view to the West. That is the Madison Range.

These are the Gallatins, to the South. Note the snow at elevation.

These are the Bridgers, to the North and East.

The sun currently sets in the 10 degree wedge where there are no mountains. Otherwise, we are pretty much surrounded.

The Doodlebug was hard at work again today.

Lonely as I am, together we cry

In case you didn't see it in the comments, idigworms threw me a link to the Foo Fighters playing "Born on the Bayou" from the other night.

So, if you wish you were back on the Bayou, rollin with some Cajun queen, or on a train, just-a-chooglin down to New Orleans...

Click here for his blog, and the link, and you, too, can go chasin' down a hoodoo there.

Thanks, I dig worms.

It was another first for India and me yesterday. After I ran in the wind and the rain, we spent a good portion of the afternoon kicking around pawn shops. I had never been in a pawn shop before; it was fun... kinda like a box of chocolates, we never knew what we were going to get. I am putting pawn shops high on my list of favorite shopping experiences, just behind bookstores and Costco/Sam's Club. There is just something about seeing a five gallon bucket of mayo. I don't need to buy it, but somehow, I just feel better knowing that I can...

The purpose of our mission was to find cheap cross-country skis and snowshoes so the backcountry adventures can continue. We have snowshoes, but I don't like the bindings. We didn't find any to buy, but it was an interesting experience. There were some really cheap electric guitars and amps for sale. I will be back.

After that, we treated ourselves to a nice dinner, something we hadn't done in a while. (And with me not drinking, dinners that I used to think were really expensive suddenly don't cost that much when you have one $ 2 lemonade, instead of three $ 6 beers and an $ 8.50 glass of wine. Funny how that works.) We went to John Bozeman's Bistro, a little place on Main Street. India had some fish called Ono, and I had this Southwestern flank steak with some funky salsa and bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Is there anything better than shrimp wrapped in bacon? Scratch that, anything wrapped in bacon is good, dammit. Would you eat a plain water chestnut? Me neither, but wrap that fucker in bacon, stick a toothpick in it, and you're my hero. And if it is good to begin with, like scallops or shrimp, wrap some bacon around it, and it just vaulted into the "great" category.

In fact, I am going to wrap myself in bacon and run around like Rocky with my arms in the air, exalting in the greatness of it all.


Then we tried to watch a movie. It is with profound disappointmnent and sadness that I write this: Team America: World Police sucked. It sucked ass.

I am a huge fan of South Park, and I gave that movie the benefit of the doubt, but I would have laughed ten times more if I had just watched three random episodes of South Park. I actually ended up turning off the movie.

And that is a damn shame. I only chuckled twice- at the refrain of the theme song, which went America, Fuck Yeah!, and at the marionette porn scene. OK, the marionette porn was really funny. But overall, the movie wasn't nearly as funny as any South Park Episode I have seen.

Then we ended up staying up waaaaay too late watching yet another tribute concert, this time on MTV. By the time Neil Young wrapped it up with his second song, it was 1 a.m. here. I doubt anyone on the East Coast was up til three.

This concert was better than the one the other night, with the aforementioned Fighters of Foo being the exception.

There were a lot of really good blues performances by New Orleans artists, some of whom I had not heard of... a black dude (last name Moore?) gave a choked-up speech about how he lost everything, and then played a beautiful blues song. Another guy named Marc Broussard was also good. The Radiators (blast from my past) played a good tune.

The Chili Peppers did an excellent acoustic, understated version of Under the Bridge. They are aging well. Pearl Jam was simulcast from a concert in Canada, and they did "Given to Fly." I love that song.

The Goo Goo Dolls (what an unfortunate name) did a sweet version of the Supertramp song "Give A Little Bit." Maroon 5 did a faithful, classy version of the Beatles "Don't Bring Me Down," that I liked.

I was pleasantly surprised when Chester Bennington from Linkin Park sang "Home Sweet Home" with Motley Crue, seeing that I don't like Motley Crue, Linkin Park or "Home Sweet Home," but somehow the whole was a lot better than the sum of its parts. (Nobody in Motley Crue is aging well...but Tommy Lee can keep going to college, and I will keep watching.)

Late in the show Fiona Apple, who I thought dropped off the face of the earth, came out of her hole and sang an awesome torch song-type of number with a stand-up bassist and a guitarist.

I wonder if they will replay it, because it went so late. If they do, tune in... It was a pretty good show.

A wave came crashing like a fist to the jaw
Delivered him wings, hey, look at me now
Arms wide open with the sea as his floor..

To whomever posted the Foo Fighters link... Thank you! I am a bit of a technological idiot-savant, minus the savant part... so I greatly appreciate it.

With everything Americans are going through down south, with all these celebrities rolling up their sleeves, standing in front of cameras and telling us to give (it's hard work! Hard!), with all of the turmoil abroad, in the Middle East and in other parts of the world...

(Even the Doodlebug is hard at work, right now.)

Anyway, at times like this, when we need to put our differences aside and focus on what is important.

So I ask you:

How fancy are YOUR pants?