Friday, November 09, 2007

Hearts and thoughts they fade

From P, an update:

Thanks for asking...I just got home and I'm fine. Here (sorry about the length) I'll cut/paste the email I just sent to the Dude et al:
I'm back from the heart procedure. They didn't keep me overnight. I didn't get much of a buzz from the drugs either, darn it. In fact, I was fairly lucent for much of the time I was in the electrophysiology lab...except for those couple of hours of missing time, when I must have either gone to la-la land or got abducted by aliens.

Long story short, they could not do an ablation procedure on me. After monitoring my heart and giving it some drugs to do some acrobatics for them (I needed a double shot, actually...I blame the daily treadmill) it finally kicked into overdrive, but the episodes were short-lived. When he finally did determine where the redundant electrical signals were coming from, they turned out to be located in very close proximity to a part of my heart that is quite important, thank you very much. So rather than monkey around and try to ablate that area and run the risk of frying the good wiring with the bad (which then would have necessitated a permanent pacemaker), he rightfully elected to do nothing. And I am glad.

He did give me a prescription for a beta blocker that I can take if I want, but fuck that...By the time I pop a beta blocker, my arrhythmia would be done with. But I'll get the prescription filled anyway just in case I anticipate a situation where my heart would be tripping. Like hiking the Appalachian Trail, or just planting a few flats of flowers next spring on a hot day. Or in case there's a presidential speech in my future.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I felt very loved and supported this past week and I appreciate that so much. It really helped to put my mind at ease.

I've got another confession to make

Apologies to those of the reproductive set who were offended be the last, and now deleted, post. I was in a fairly pissed off mood for unrelated reasons.

I will now listen to an entire Grateful Dead bootleg as punishment.

Apologies to any hippies offended by the last statement.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon selling kind $ 2 veggie sandwiches in my office parking lot as penance.