Monday, February 12, 2007

Everything that keeps me together is falling apart

This chica is writing some funny, funny things. If you click this, it will open in a new window. Don't be scared.

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

At least until lawyers, guns, and money fuck it up.

And we'll all float on OK

By the way, we here at The Dude Abides recommend you give Modest Mouse a spin or three. UJ hooked me up with one of their discs, The Moon & Antarctica when he was here, and it is killer.

Spend 99 cents at I-Tunes and download the song "3rd Planet," or "Tiny City Made of Ashes."

I guarantee that you won't say, "Shit. I could've had a double cheeseburger from McDonalds."

So, I owe you another chapter in was to have been an opus. See, I had most of it typed, and it took a long time, with a lot of photos uploaded and arranged amongst the text. One of my sausage fingers (italian sausage, that is) hit the wrong button and the flippin' thing disappeared.

(These last two pictures are from tv while Pirates of the Carribean was playing. In case you were wondering whether I started a haunted house or an S&M dungeon.)

Anyway, let's get to it.

It has been snowing steadily since Thursday, which has been very nice. I went Friday, Sunday and did a half-day at Bridger today with Tricky. Tricky is a lawyer about to hit the ten year mark and isn't very satisfied with the profession. We have nothing in common.

This is a video from Sunday. It is a bit herky-jerky, but it is cool because it goes through trees and will maybe give you a little vicarious adrenaline joy.

I apologize for the Blair Witchiness of the production, but I haven't yet gotten the helmet cam functioning. Nor do I have a functioning helmet, for that matter, so I have to hold my little Kodak Easy Share camera in my right hand as I ride. The thing is, I need that hand for balance, and balance takes a back seat to cinematography. Or vice versa.

Here is the second part of that run. It is a bit smoother, but with some good tree action. I haul ass and pass a bunch of people. And Lord knows I have a lot of ass to haul. Plus, I get some monstrous air over a catwalk right near the end, just after I pass a guy in a red jacket, (take-off is at the 45 second mark and landing is at 47 seconds.) and I land it smoothly. Defintely worth the wait.

When I came back from the mountain on Sunday, Music Villa in Bozeman was having a sale. You could buy a guitar at retail and get a second guitar of equal or lesser value for a penny. Drum sets and cymbals were 50% off.

They moved over 200 guitars. Amazing. I stopped by at the tail end and it looked like a tornado hit the place. The guitar room was full of empty hooks. (For those who actually play, Gibson has a factory here in Bozeman where they make their high-end acoustic guitars.)

I didn't partake of the aforementioned sale, but somebody bought me a twelve-string guitar as a gift, and I'll be damned if I didn't get myself a set of conga drums because I was so darn excited.

(Like father, like son. What can I say?)

Here is Aden, rocking out hard. No Blair Witch here.

************ Please say a prayer for Blain's mom. ****************************