Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jo jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
For some California grass

I've been on a Beatles kick of nearly epic proportions. For Christmas, I got myself the 5 DVD Anthology. It's excellent.

So, in the interest of brevity...

Since we last left off, I went home to Wisconsin.

My dad and Curt picked me up from the airport. My flight was delayed because the stewardesses arrived at midnight the previous night and my flight was set for 9:05.

They apparently didn't get the contractually-mandated ten hours sleep necessary to maintain uprightness of tray tables and seat backs. Thank Jesus they don't serve peanuts anymore.

Because that kind of workload, without the proper rest is a Safety Risk.

You think I'm joking?

What if someone from coach tried to use the bathroom in first class?

We met K-Top, UJ and Carmela for dinner. It was great to see them all. UJ and Carmela just went to Venezuela and had to spend the night in the jungle, on a river because the boat they were on broke down. I urged them to write a guest blog.

I forgot to bring my camera into the restaurant, and the Badger basketball game after. We had really good seats.

Tony, brother to K-Top, and Alison had their baby, Jackson Alexander. K-Top and I were there when they brought the little feller home.

Then, later on Sunday, my dad and I went to Lambeau to watch the Packers.

It was really, really, really cold.

Fortunately, we were in a luxury box. Cozy.

The game was pretty ugly, and the Giants definitely deserved to win. They marched the Packers up and down the field, had a bunch of calls go against them (the Jacobs touchdown called back, an offensive interference call) and some bad luck with kicking, and they still won.

So, hat's off. Go Giants next week.

Jump pass into triple coverage?


All in all, it was a really fun trip. It was nice to see good friends and family, and a brand new baby.