Friday, August 29, 2008

I'd hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain

I had a spectacular Friday. Stanette has Fridays off, and she woke me with a huge cup of coffee and a fresh fruit smoothie. I have to let you know, she does that every day.

It was cool.

It always is.

I went to work and knocked the ball out of the park.

After work, my co-workers took me out for drinks & food in recognition of an award I got at work. It is the cheesiest goddamn thing you have ever seen. A piece of heavy glass shaped like a pyramid with the letters "MVP" etched on it.

I mean, Jesus Christ.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

I also got to touch base with several old friends today, namely Dan-O, Will, Carp and Alison Rex. It was nice to catch up and talk. Everyone is happy for us & pressing for a nuptials date.

We have some cool ideas, but we're not ready to share them.

My sister, Liz and her boyfriend, Garrett, were supposed to fly in from LA tonight, but they missed their connection and they have to stay in Denver.

I love my sister. I love both of them, actually.

I played music last night with this 22 year old kid who works in my office. It was a blast. He is a shredder on guitar. It gave me great joy to see this skinny, 16-year-old-looking, otherwise mild-mannered kid transform from Clark Kent into a head-banging eddie van halen superfreak.

I taught him a few tunes on guitar and I played some drums for a few of his original compositions. Oh, and he played bass, too. (Matt, another friend, left his bass and bass amp in the Boogie Station a week or two ago.)

We went shopping for hottubs this week. We have a sweeeeet spot in the backyard, just off the purgola.

Have you looked at hottubs recently?

There is some serious innovation and bling going on in the hottub world.

LED lights that change from blue to green to red to white, rotating jets, an ipod dock with built in speakers, and a waterfall. We're definitely getting the waterfall.

Blain jumped out of a plane in Vegas today. 15,000 feet.

So, there is that.

I'm thinkin bout my doorbell
When you gonna ring it?
When you gonna ring it?

Blain is in Vegas. He has arranged to go sky-diving and then take in an Ice Cube concert.

Sounds pretty low energy to me.

I've got too much on my mind for that kind of nonsense. Shit, I can hardly take a picture anymore.

Then again, maybe I just ain't seen nothin' particularly noterworthy lately.

I have been working, maintaining my relationships with my woman and my cat.

What else do you really need to do?

Good night.