Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you kindly
For thinking of me
If I'm not smiling
I'm just thinking

Revealing yet still concealing things.

This is the way it goes here.

I'm just waiting for a thrill ride in this globally-warmed section of the Rocky Mountains. My ship, made of swollen clouds, has not yet arrived.

Taking solace in making some wonderful music with my friends. (The preceding to be taken metaphorically or literally, your choice.)

We watched The Illusionist this weekend on DVD. I liked it. It is beautifully shot, and Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti are two of the more interesting actors out there.

I have been busting my ass lately on some business pursuits. It feels... strange.

I have been mulling getting in my car and driving to Fernie and Kicking Horse, up in B.C. Just mulling it, because I really don't want to go alone, but the snow situation is driving me to distraction. To me, it just isn't worth it to go to the mountain and ride groomers. There may be some good wind-buffed stuff in stashes, but it is sandwiches between glare ice and jagged rock.

This seems to have devolved into me bitching about snow. My concern is not only this snowboarding season, but, more importantly, July and August. Without sufficient snowpack, not enough water seeps into the soil to nourish the trees in the mountains. Spring rains foster undergrowth, which dries by July. This creates an absolute tinderbox, and this valley will be choked with smoke this summer from rampant wildfires.

But enough about that.

Have a scrumtrillescent Tuesday.