Monday, August 27, 2007

Where are all the good times?
Who's gonna show this stranger around?

The theme of this post was stolen from a real writer, Veronica. Thank you, Veronica.

3 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other.

1. Will, the dude who took me salmon fishing in the Gig, has his 20th class reunion coming up. (Mine is next weekend. Yup. The Dam. And I will see some of you there.)

Will still has his car from high school, an early 80's Trans Am. Gold. I dubbed it The Gold Dragon. (Ain't exactly street legal, so let's keep it on the down-low.) It is in his garage, where it has resided, lo these many years.

Except the Dragon is roaring once again, after a long slumber.

He is getting the car running again, and he is going to drive it down to California for his reunion.

That is ten kinds of awesome in and of itself, but there is a kicker.

We talked about having me go with him to his reunion as his +1.

You know, riding shotgun in the Gold Dragon.

We were pissing our pants. We were gonna downplay it. No explanation other than, "This is my friend, Joe."

No lisps, no really tight shirts. Although, admittedly, that would also be awesome. Not as awesome as the Gold Dragon breathing fire once again, but awesome, nonetheless.

I'd just hang out, being me. (Hey, pimpin' ain't easy.) Will would be totally normal. He'd talk about his kids. I'd tell my story. We'd play it completely straight, then towards the end of the night, when the DJ put on Journey or Boston, we'd take the floor and dance a stately waltz.

The key will be not laughing our asses off.

You should know that this is serious. I told him that if he got the Gold Dragon running, I would get on a plane. He called today and said that he cleaned the garage, took off the cover, got under the car, drained the oil, bled the gas line and made arrangements to have a proffesional take it over the hump.

Looks like I may have a reunion to attend.

2. I have been reading some seriously weird science fiction lately (an anthology), and some really disturbing, graphic horror (Bentley Little).

The Anthology is a bunch of short stories. On our way back from the Gig (Harbor), Stanette was driving and I started reading one of the stories out loud. She asked me to stop because of the subject matter.

I finished the story in silence.

A day later, she asked what the horror novel was about.

I had to shake my head and say, "You don't want to know."

3. In case you were operating under a misconception, I have a job. I just don't write about it here.

I am a coal miner.

No, just kidding. I work with retards.

I love the goofy bastards.

4. In other news, I had a homemade meatball panini today. It brought me to my knees.

5. I also saw a huge red-tailed hawk on my run. I surprised it while it was eating. It took off out of a hay field from about 20 feet away. Impressive.


There, you got 5 Things Unrelated To Each Other For The Price Of 3, Which Was Completely Free You Cheap Bastards.

Now go back to work.

P.S. You want a toe? I can get you a toe. With polish. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know.